Seyed E. Hasnain’s Lab

About the Lab and Research

Prof. Hasnain’s lab works on Infection biology, molecular pathogenesis of infectious organisms anddesigning novel intervention strategies with a current focus on Functional Molecular Infection Epidemiology of pathogenic bacterium. Studying the dissemination dynamics, using genetic typing of M.tb isolates from India, he showed the presence of ancestral isolates as the predominant form circulating in India which could explain the lack of concordance between bacterial load and disease burden in the Indian population.

Functional characterization of M.tb hypothetical PE/PPE protein family revealed their importance as diagnostics, vaccine candidates and drug targets. He earlier contributed extensively to our understanding of the transcriptional regulation and high level expression of heterologous genes in the baculovirus insect cell system.

His earlier collaborative work on HBV generated some novel findings with clinical applications. He has >240 publications in peer-reviewed journals of high impact, and >dozen patents. He has mentored >100 PhD, MD and Post-Doc students four of whom received the prestigious INSA Young Scientist Medal.

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