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through networks
Boolean networks have been widely used to model gene regulatory networks and signaling pathways because ordinary differential equation (ODE) formalisms are constrained by the size of the sub-network and the dearth of kinetic and parametric information. Using Boolean networks, it is possible to describe the condition of the gene, whether activated or repressed, using the binary state ({0, 1} = {on, off}). It may also be visualized as a graph, G {v,e} with vertices v (genes) and edges e (interactions). The Boolean analysis panel accepts two inputs, vertices and edges, for converting the network into matrices required for computation. An option is also available for specifying non-regulated nodes (self-degrading nodes). An example has been provided (default) in the window below following which users may create their own Boolean network.

Boolean Network
Synchronous Update (Current release:BN1.0)
* Download Network Examples : Here
Number of Nodes

Number of Edges

Self-degrading nodes

Boolean Rules

Boolean functions

Entire state space
Singleton attractors by modular method:Use Boolean Rule-2