Find a cure for disease
through networks

Disease Interaction Network (DiseaseNet) is defined as the network that is constructed from the known interactions between the genes implicated in different diseases. Disease interaction networks can show correlations between related (and unrelated) diseases. Through this option one can construct networks between different neurodegenerative diseases. The interactions contained in this database are those that have been verified against published literature reported for clinical studies and the human interactome data. The disease network is created based on disease-gene associations and may help in identifying common origin of genetic disease or crosstalk leading to disease. We envisage that the networks constructed using the option will provide the user with better insight about the critical genes that play multiple roles in manifesting different neurodegenerative conditions. As a next step, the user may use the information obtained from this database to perform a critical node analysis and identify new drug targets. The result is based on disease, disease genes and PPI information. For further information refer to user manual.


(Example: Alzheimer's Disease)

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