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Protein-Protein Interaction Network (PPINet) is defined as the protein-protein interaction network that can be created using the feature provided on this page. This option enables the user to submit a list of genes (separated by a space or comma) that are part of a network under study. The list may have been obtained from experimental studies (microarray data, mass spectrometry data) or from a theoretical hypothesis. NeuroDNet processes this information and outputs a table where the connectivity of the network is shown in terms of the binary associations. For the simple example given below {A2M,APP,APOE}, when submitted in the PPINet window gives the binary associations between A2M<-->APOE and APOE<-->APP. The output text file can be visualized graphically as a network using Cytoscape.

Enter Protein/s

(Example: A2M,APP,APOE)

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