Find a cure for disease
through networks
Query option provides the user with an opportunity to explore the database under the following categories - Disease, Gene, Protein, Polymorphism and Pathway. The class "Disease" contains the list of all genes grouped by disease. For example, selecting "Alzheimer’s disease" gives the list of all the genes recorded in the database associated with AD. The user is free to pursue a gene of interest in this list by selecting links provided in the table displayed. "Gene ID" automatically connects the user to the corresponding gene page in NCBI, "Protein" to UniProt page for this protein, "Reference" to the research article, and "NDN Gene" to the NeuroDNet database page Gene Description. Gene Description comprises six sections - Gene, Protein, SNPs, Structure, PPI and Network Model. The database may be explored through links provided in each of these sections depending on the interest of the user.

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( Example- Alzheimer's Disease )

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