The main building of the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences

Vision and Mission


To become the pioneers of modern interdisciplinary biological sciences by integrating emerging disciplines with biological sciences, and to nurture and sustain a vibrant comprehensive programme in research and instruction.


Promoting goal-oriented innovative interdisciplinary research by interfacing modern biology with applied engineering sciences to address problems affecting human health and welfare, and training scholars to be the next generation scientists.

Establishment of the School

Modern Biology has departed from emphasis on individual or species level understanding to appreciating unity and diversity at the genomic level. Work in modern biology is neither restricted to individual investigators nor to people trained in traditional disciplines considered under biological sciences. Rather, it has evolved into an inter- and multi-disciplinary quantitative science aimed at molecular, structural and systems level understanding of natural phenomena that form the wonder considered as life.

It is to contribute to this fascinating and emerging area of science, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi established the School of Biological Sciences in December 2008. The process of establishment of the school began in September 2007 when an Internal Task Force chaired by Prof. B. N. Jain (Deputy Director, Faculty) was set up. Following the recommendations of academic bodies at IIT Delhi, a national advisory committee (NAC), co-chaired by Prof. Surendra Prasad, Director and Prof. M. Vijayan, was constituted. In pursuance of the recommendations of the Task Force, Senate, BOG and the NAC the School of Biological Sciences came into being at IIT Delhi.

The view from quadrangle of the School building.

Contact Information

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