Internship Programme

Terms and conditions

The following rules apply to internship requests (both summer internships and normal internships)

1. Please note that for a internship at IIT Delhi while you are a full-time registered student at another Institute, It is required that you must submit separate certificates from your parent institution stating that
• There are no facilities in the proposed area of work
• There is no faculty member working in the proposed area of work
• There is no objection to your taking up the summer internship 

2. If a full-time faculty member of IIT Delhi agrees to take you as summer / full intern – IIT Delhi requires that you must register as a casual student of IIT Delhi with the payment of full semester fees (currently about Rs.18000/- + Rs.2000/- refundable caution deposit) for the duration of your internship.

This is over and above other caution deposits which may be required by the specific lab(s) where you are working. 

3. IIT Delhi requires that you must have a valid life insurance policy for the duration of your internship. You must also insure yourself against any eventuality / accident you consider is likely to arise during your stay at IIT Delhi. A copy of these insurance policies must be filed with the under-graduate / post-graduate section during your registration process as a casual student. 

4. It is required that your guardian certify that
• Under no circumstances, will IIT Delhi be held be responsible for loss of life or limb.
• There is no objection from your local guardian to your taking up this internship at IIT Delhi

5. While you may apply for accommodation to the Dean (Students) simultaneously (after registration as a casual student) for accommodation in IIT Delhi hostels, IIT Delhi may not be able to guarantee availability of such accommodation. 

6. You may be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for some of the work you do as an Intern.