MS Research Programme

about the programme

The School offers a MS (Research) degree in Biological Sciences to give students interested in research more time to devote to a research project. The MS (Research) degree is the one to opt for if a student is inclined towards research but needs time to choose a career path. IIT Delhi offers a seamless migration to the PhD programme to students who wish to continue in research. The areas of research for the programme will be according to the expertise of the faculty of the School. Rules governing the MS (Research) degree are given here.

As in the case of the PhD programme, the background needed for carrying out research work by the students will be developed through a selection of courses offered by the faculty of the School for MS (Research), and from existing courses in the Institute. For a student who wishes to migrate to the PhD programme, some of the courses of MS (Research) programme may be credited to towards the PhD programme requirement and give the student an opportunity to obtain both the MS and PhD degree from IIT Delhi.


A student applying to the M.S (Research) programme should have a B.Tech.,B.E., M. Sc. or B.S. (4 year) in any discipline of science and engineering.

Admission procedure

Interested/deserving candidates are encouraged to apply as per the procedures at the IIT Delhi admissions website Selection of PhD students is based on a written test (for the eligible applicants) followed by an interview (of those screened from the written test).

Written Test

The written test will examine the analytical ability of students with examples from biology, and does not require memorization of any biological terminologies.

More about MS(R)

You can read more the structure of the MS (R) programme here.

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