Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the PhD Programme

The School selects students for its PhD program (and MS Research program) twice a year - in May and in December. This is adverstised in leading newspapers. Normally the online application submission portal is opened during hte last week of March and October. Interested and motivated students should apply during this time. Shortlisted candidates need to pass a written exam and in-person interview for being selected.

Candidates must have a four year UG degree in any of the fields of Science or Engineering to be eligible to apply. Qualification in a National level fellowship program (CSIR/DBT/ICMR) is preferable, and required in some cases.

The seats available varies from semester to semester. Usually about 8-10 students are selected every cycle.

The online application submission portal is open from about end of March to the end of April, and from the end of October to the end of November. Interested and motivated students may visit the School by taking an appoint from a faculty by email.

The view from quadrangle of the School building.

Regarding the MS Research Programme

A student applying to the M.S (Research) programme should have a B.Tech.,B.E., M. Sc. or B.S. (4 year) in any discipline of science and engineering.

Yes, you can but it is desirable that you apply during the May cycle.

Regarding IIT Delhi Facilities

Students within a radius of 25 km are not eligible for hostel rooms. All other students are eligible for/alloted rooms based on availability.

We try to fix the date of the exam so that it does not clash with entarnce exams of some of the leading institutions. However, it is not possible to ensure no overlap. Also, there is limited window for completing the selection/administrative procedures. Therefore, the date cannot be changed.