Archana Chugh’s Lab

About the Lab and Research

Our lab intends to explore versatility of cell penetrating peptides (CPPs). They can be used as therapeutic peptides as well as Nano carriers. Additionally, we are working on plant phenomics and IPR and regulatory issues in novel life science technologies such as nanomedicine, synthetic biology.

Cell penetrating peptides (CPPs)

• CPPs as membrane active peptides (MAPs)
• Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) as CPPs
• Peptide mediated ocular disease management
• Developing novel CPPs with better stability and cargo delivery
• Organelle targeting CPPs (mitochondria, nucleus etc.)

Rice Phenomics

Drought is one of the severe abiotic stress that affects productivity of rice, an important staple crop that is consumed all over the world. The traits responsible for enhancing or adapting drought resistance in rice plants can be selected and studied to elucidate the adaptive mechanism of rice that leads to drought tolerance. Therefore, the main focus is to find the correlation between genotypic and phenotypic traits in order to understand rice phenomics in a better way for further improvement of the crop.

"Rice Root Xylem" by Anupama


Currently we are investigating various challenges in the governance of Nanomedicine in India. We are also investigating the comparative regulatory regimes in the field of Nanomedicine and proposing a novel governance framework for effective regulation of Nanomedicine. We have also been studying the IPR as well as governance issues with Synthetic biology.

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