B. Jayaram’s Lab

About the Lab and Research

"Genome to Drug" vision of SCFBio envisages delivering a drug molecule to society from genomic / proteomic information. It assimilates the language of genomic DNA and identifying a druggable protein coding gene (via Chemgenome) for a disease / disorder, determination of the three dimensional structure of the protein targets (via BhageerathH+) and ultimately creating a small molecule (drug) that can bind with high affinity and specificity to the Protein/DNA target but with least toxicity to humans (via Sanjeevini).

SCFBio is involved in developing novel scientific methods and highly efficient algorithms, combining principles of chemistry and biology with information technology for genome analysis, Protein structure prediction and target directed Lead molecule design pursuing is our dream. SCFBio is committed towards creating a pool of Bioinformatics Professionals in the country through it's specialized training Programmes. The facility is providing free access of its Bioinformatics and Computational Biology tools to the global user community and free Supercomputing time to Students & Reseachers with-in the country.

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