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Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

• Investigating the replication characteristics of defective HBV
• Analysing the role for conservation of splice-sites in HBV and understanding the biological role of hepatitis B splice generated protein (HBSP)
• Studying the biological role of HBV proteins including HBeAg and HBcAg in the pathogenesis of HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma
• Understanding the role of methylation in the evolution of HBV
• Identifying Lnc-RNAs dysregulated on HBV infection and their role in HCC pathogenesis.


• Identification of G-quadruplexes in herpesvirus genomes and understanding their biological functions
• Analysis of G-quadruplexes in animal and virus genomes from an evolutionary perspective

Dinucleotides and virus evolution and pathogenesis

• Analysing the relative abundance of dinucleotides in virus genomes to understand mutational / selection pressures shaping virus evolution
• Investigating the role of CpG dinucleotide content in the pathogenesis of HIV-1

Hepatitis E virus

• Understanding virus factors in the pathogenesis of HEV-related acute liver failure

Diagnosis of bacterial infections

• Rapid diagnosis of bacterial infections using a novel immunomagnetic capture-based method.
• Whole genome sequencing of bacteria to understand the genomic correlates of antimicrobial resistance

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