We are broadly protein Folding, Protein Engineering, Chaperone assisted protein folding, and Molecular Biophysics research group at IIT Delhi. Our specific interest include deciphering molecular mechanism of protein folding process in single and multi-domain proteins, relating with the kinetics, thermodynamics aspects of the reactons. Our group is working extensively towards preparation and characterisation of recombinant therapeutic proteins. We do study the role and mechanistic aspects of various molecular chaperones in the process of folding of the recombinant proteins in cellular systems as well in the in vitro set up. The chaprone research in our laboratory also aims at characterisation of Micobaterium tuberculosis chaperones and to establish their probable role in the pathogenesis of TB. While carrying out our research activities we rely on biochemical, Molecular Biology, structural biology and Biophysics tools, not limited to, PCR, HPLC & FPLC type chromatogrphic tools, UV-Vis spectroscopy, Fluoroscence spectroscopy, IR-Spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism spectroscopy, AFM, Electron Microscopy, Stopped-Flow Fluorescence spectroscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering, Calorimetric tools, Biolayer Interferometric tools etc.

Kusuma School of Biological Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016