Internship Programme

The internship program at KSBS is an opporutnity that shouldn't be missed as it would provide a holistic learning and growth experience. There are only very limited seats available, hence candidates with a good academic profile will be given priority while shortlisting the applicants.

Before applying, the candidates are strongly advised to go through the faculty profiles and check the corresponding lab websites for any vacant positions. A very specific e-mail pertaining to what you would like to work on and why you are interested in it should be sent to the respective professor - generic e-mails are strongly discouraged.The selected candidate will be required to pay a certain fee. 

The following guidelines govern internship requests, encompassing both summer internships and regular internships:

  1. For an internship at IIT Delhi while being a full-time registered student at another Institute, you must provide separate certificates from your parent institution, stating the following: a. No facilities exist in the proposed area of work. b. No faculty member is currently working in the proposed area of work. c. There is no objection to you undertaking the summer internship.

  2. Should a full-time faculty member of IIT Delhi agree to host you as a summer/full intern, you are required to register as a casual student of IIT Delhi. This registration necessitates the payment of full semester fees for the duration of your internship. Please be aware that additional caution deposits may also be required by specific lab(s) where you will be working.

  3. It is mandatory to have a valid life insurance policy for the entire duration of your internship at IIT Delhi. Additionally, you must ensure coverage against any potential events or accidents that might occur during your stay at the institute. Copies of these insurance policies must be submitted to the under-graduate/post-graduate section during your registration as a casual student.

  4. A certification from your guardian is required, stating the following: a. IIT Delhi will not be held responsible for any loss of life or limb under any circumstances. b. Your local guardian has no objections to you pursuing this internship at IIT Delhi.

  5. While you may simultaneously apply for accommodation in IIT Delhi hostels through the Dean (Students) after registering as a casual student, please note that the availability of such accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

  6. In certain instances, you may be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for certain work you undertake as an Intern.

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